Our sliders for fitting, abstracting and levelling are used for decades and recommended by experts. With shaft hanger made of precision steel pipe and a sheet of a special aluminium coating. Handy, light, very stable and easily to clean. Useable for construction of decking, sidewalks, edge trims and repair sites. For tennis and yard construction to level sand, split and brick flour.

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No more self-made interim arrangements. With our handy alurex concrete distributer you can exactly and quickly concrete a floor. For efficient usage when pushing and pulling also with fluid concrete.

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Earth hand augers can be used for drilling holes for scaffolding poles, depth foundation, piles of every kind, stay tubes (e.g. traffic sign), landmarks, soil sampling, planting gaps, depth fertilization, floor ventilation, watering and so on. The shaft is made of quality steel. The windings of the auger is made of quality steel plate, thickness 3 mm. The front border (cutting border) is angularly sharpened. A braking board is welded at the first winding. From 25 cm on the braking board is exchanged through a braking angle. The lower end of the shaft is twisted to a peak resp. forged.

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Our alurex rakes of light metal are equipped with screwed teeth. The steel hanger is made of precision steel pipe and galvanized.The aluminium teeth can be exchanged.

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Our snow shovel does not look like other so-called snow shovels. You can shovel snow like that with no other one. In Baden-Württemberg and in Switzerland it is called “snow devil” and is used in many towns and communities for more than 30 years. The snow will be compressed in a comfortable bearing and can be shoveled easily. Useable for snow heights up to 20 cm. It is also used as soil shovel at road works. The subgrade should be flat and solid. Excellent performance and long endurance, very economical, handy and light.

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We recommend using following products in order to assist you when working with alurex tools!

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all about alurex

October 6th, 2016

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alurex Top-Seller

October 6th, 2016

One of our absolute top sellers products … the hand rammer shock absorbed – find out now!

alurex Top-Seller

October 6th, 2016

One of our absolute top sellers products … the concrete slider “BS” – find out now!!

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